Hermes: The Managed File Transfer System

Hermes, like the Greek God who with his helmet and his winged sandals carried the messages of the gods, transfers your data/files safely and quickly.

Born in the early 90s from the passion of Italian developers for the need to communicate and transfer files between very different systems such as MPE, HP3000, Sun, Linux.

In those days, Internet connections were unstable and often dropped, but thanks to Hermes there were no problems, it automatically manage line interruptions and resume the transfer from where it had stopped.

In these 30 years of technological development and evolution, Hermes has continuously improved by transferring billions and billions of files and data of all types and sizes every year by connecting all Server platforms.

Even today, our research and development department is hungry for novelty and continues its work of Evolution of Hermes.

Hermes Features


More than 30 years of development, written in C/C++ to optimally manage the memory resources at low level.



Using directly the base level of connection protocols TCP/IP through Berkeley Sockets to guaranties the best performances.


Fully Compatible with Unix: Hp-Ux, IBM AIX, Solaris; Linux: RHEL, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Suse; Windows; Mac Os;


Data protected with End-To-End encryption always updated to the latest Standards.


Adaptable to any type of use, tailored to your every need, It transfers any type of file/data, any size and any frequency.


The transfer starts when programmed and both sides are ready, if the connection fails, the transfer stops and automatically resumes where it left off.


At any time you can know the transfer status and all the detailed data of the files and recipients.


You choose how and when to send or receive files, what actions to perform when a file arrives, Hermes works in synergy with the Job schedulers.


Consisting of a main core and additional modules, you can choose which functions do you need.


Hermes could be used in “batch” mode: interacting with schedulers, other applications or scripts; and/or in “live” mode: directly by the human operator.

Why Choose Hermes?


Thanks to 30 years of development, bugs correction, new features implementation and usage in the global enterprise we have reached a very high level of stability.

Tailored On Your Needs

Like the best tailoring suits, we adapt Hermes functions and performances to your needs and ways of use. Constantly updated with the new standards of the moment.

Strategic Tool

Mainly used in so-called “high risk” situations, where it must always be operational, if it stopped it would cause production, orders and supplies to stop.

24/7/365 Support

Our Suport Team and Call Center are available 24/7 for 365 days/year.

Always covered to maintain your workflow up and running.

Support Platform

You will have full access to our Support Platform:

  • Create and manage your licenses, tickets
  • Be directly in contact with our Support and Dev Team
  • Download the last Release or Modules
  • Access to always updated Documentation

Support API

To manage, in “batch” mode, directly from your Applications, script, scheduled Jobs all our Support Platform functions:

  • Renew and download all licenses you need in one time.
  • Manage Tickets
  • Update your Release
  • and more…

Who should use Hermes


Companies in every sector which must make various offices, sites around the globe communicate with each other: production, orders, administration offices, enployers presences…

Any type of Company organized with Cloud based architecture. Ensure a secure and fast data transfer between your company servers and the Central cloud one.

Keep trace of every data transfer with Hermes.

Company/Industries to Suppliers

Companies that need to be supplied with raw materials or semi-finished products. Optimize, automate when needed the reorders from your suppliers.

Public Entities

Hermes is ideal for all public Entities, to maintain a uniformity of data tranfer and an efficient communication between the offices scattered throughout the territory.

Contact Us For Any Info

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