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Zenith-LD Rangefinder


•    Fire control systems
•    Integration to ground vehicles, helicopters and etc.

Ре  Mode of radiation – pulse
Дл Laser radiation wavelength – (905±10) nm
Pulse energy, not more – 2 microJ
Ча Pulse repletion rate – 1 kHz
Ра  Beam divergence – 2.5 mrad.
Absolute error of distance measurement – ±2 m
Range of measured distances
(for diffusely reflecting target with reflection factor ~0.4 and angular size 2х2 mrad, meteorological visibility range  not less than 10 km)    From 30 to 2500 m
Number of simultaneously registered targets – 2
Ви Visible magnification of the optical vizor – 3.5x±10 %
Уг Angular field of view of the optical vizor – 5°±10 %
Time of distance measurement, not more – 1 second
Кр Mounting holes – М4х6Н
Weight, not more – 1.2 kg
Га  Overall dimensions (without the optical vizor), not more – 150х120х70 mm
Power source – External stabilized DC source with the voltage of 6 V ±5% and pulsations of not more than 50 mV
Consumed current, not more – 0.7A
Protection of covers (body) – IP57
Interface – RS-232

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