Hermes: File Transfer System Multiplatform

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Hermes is a Multiplatform, Client/Server File Transfer System which has been running, so far, more than  fifteen years providing file transferring functionalities across UNIX, Linux, and Windows platforms in the Enterprise.

More than a simple File Transfer Tool, like FTP, Hermes is a ‘file transfer system’, as it ensures the sending customer a safe, secure, correct, traceable, and asynchronous transferring of his/her files to the destination nodes.

Hermes is fast,  as it implements Berkeley Sockets to access TCP/IP protocol stack; itís flexible, as it brings a number of options which allow customers at both end a full customization; itís secure, because of the designed architecture; it ís reliable, because of its long time utilization – and then cumulated experience – in Multinational Companies.


Hermes has been designed to:


  • Import and queue outgoing files from clients and application servers.
  • Acknowledge releasing procedures and poll outgoing queues to startup the transferring of the files.
  • Transfer, as soon as possible, the queued files to their remote destinations, updating the file statuses for enduser information at both ends.
  • Acknowledge the sender about retrieval of files at the remote destinations.
  • Make available to the remote users a rich set of options to manage the file retrieval operation.
  • Asynchronously transfer files to remote Hermes servers.
  • Schedule startup of the transferring of files.
  • Support checkpoint and restart of the file transfer, useful for unsteady communication links.
  • Be integrated in business procedures to satisfy all needs of periodical batch activities.

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